Frequently Asked Questions

How will traffic be affected during construction?  Will construction take place at night?

To minimize inconvenience to motorists, no daytime lane closures are planned at this time.

Lane closures and construction information will be announced weekly throughout the duration of the project.

Two lanes in each direction will be maintained throughout construction during the day, with temporary lane closures at night as needed. 

The design-builder will develop detailed plans for maintenance of traffic, which may include shifting traffic towards the existing outside shoulder during construction. 

Emergency pull off areas for disabled vehicles will be provided as required.

Will there be trees left in the median?  What type of landscaping will be used?

The trees in the median space will be addressed on a case-by-case basis as needed to accommodate stormwater management and cut and fill slopes.

The raised median with concrete barriers will utilize context sensitive design with low maintenance shrubs or bushes.

Will the interchanges be upgraded? 

Modifications to the interchanges are not included as part of this project.

However, interchange operations will benefit from the additional capacity of the new lanes on I-64 and the lengthening of the acceleration and deceleration ramps.

How will traffic be impacted on the side roads within the project corridor?

No major traffic impacts are expected on the side roads. However, congestion may be possible during peak travel times or if an incident occurs on the interstate.

Will the interchange ramps be affected during construction?

Yes, there will be some impacts to the interchange ramps during construction to reconstruct the existing pavement. 

This may include some night-time ramp closures. These will be publicized in advance.

When will construction begin and how long will the project take to complete?

The segment of construction in Henrico and New Kent counties will begin in February 2018 and end in fall 2019.

Will the project include fixing the existing travel lanes? 

Yes, the existing pavement will be replaced.